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We believe everyone has different needs at different stages in their self-build journey. For this reason we decided to break our services into four parts; Design, Build, Design and Build and Site Inspection. We are also happy to discuss any bespoke services you may need.




With a growing team of qualified architects, engineers, interior designers and quantity surveyors we are able to provide bespoke designs tailored to the needs and budget of the client. We thoroughly consider every design detail from its start until completion. During the design process, we liaise with qualified and experienced specialists, on behalf of the client to deliver a complete set of drawings. Additional and relevant documents are also provided to ensure that the project can be completed correctly and in conformity with building regulations.


Completed building designs may be delivered to clients, by using one of the following means.

  • Direct hard copy postage

  • Electronic mail (email)

  • Hand delivery - a hand over meeting may also be arranged to allow client to examine the design and ask any related questions.


In cases where a client already has all the relevant drawings and documents, we are able to provide very high standard of construction services for your project. A complete set of your architect’s stamped and approved drawings, in both hard and soft copies, will be required to commence work. Any missing information will have to be provided before construction work begins.


Please note, we will neither be responsible for any design flaws that may come to light during construction, nor will we be held liable for any delays that may arise, due to time used to correct design flaws. We could, however, subject to an agreement with the client, review all drawings and advise on any discrepancies.


Amendments for design flaws, that may be required during the construction period, could also be provided by your architect. However, ACK HOMES would be pleased to provide such details and amendments at an agreed fee. ACK HOMES will have to be given full access to the building site, prior to signing any necessary Contract Agreement for a complete site survey to be carried out.


Design and Build

This is our most sought-after service. It gives the client a less stressful self-build experience, with its seamless combination of our Design and Build services. The added advantage of this service is the improved quality in the construction work, as the design department is able to step in throughout the project life to resolve any issues on site. It also gives our site manager the opportunity to better understand the design, since the drawings are produced in-house. This ensures excellent coordination between the design and the construction teams. This allows us to deliver the project in the most cost-effective manner, whiles maintaining a high standard of finish.


Site Inspection 

This is a unique service we provide to people living in the diaspora, who already have ongoing projects in Ghana, and need a third party to visit and inspect the project in order to provide honest feedback to the client. This allows the client to pick up on any errors and rectify them as soon as possible, saving them from spending a lot more money and time to fix the error at a later stage or when the project is completed. This service is designed to save the client money and time as well as provide certainty of works being carried out are as expected.

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