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ACK HOMES is the ideal architectural and project management company to assist you with your dream to build in Ghana.

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Our MISSION is to design, build and deliver bespoke houses in Ghana for people in the diaspora and in Ghana, through safe and easy ways that give clients lasting satisfaction, using environmentally friendly materials.


Our VISION is to become the trusted brand in the building industry for people in the diaspora and Ghana looking to invest in a self-build property.

With our growing platform of building professionals, our collective architecture and construction experience in the building industry spans over a period of 15 years; both in Ghana and the United Kingdom. We are, therefore, one of the best companies in the industry to safely bridge you over to your home with peace of mind.


With our design services based in London, we are able to personally meet with our clients to discuss their needs. For that reason, the established client-consultant relationship strengthens the trust which is very much needed in any form of investment. We understand that many people, who reside abroad, often have the fear of falling victims to dubious operators and scams in the building industry. With the result that the victims end up being defrauded of their hard-earned moneys and life savings, set aside for their projects. ACK HOMES stand out when it comes to reliability and integrity. Our Ghana-based construction arm of the company is made up of tried and tested tradesmen, together with well qualified, trained and experienced site managers. We also have close working relationship with other well-established locally registered construction companies in Ghana.

This gives us an added advantage of timely delivering our finished building projects, ensuring that attention is given to every detail of the contract.


ACK HOMES  reputation is built and sustained on the column of its core values namely; providing excellent customer care, reliability, quality, integrity, health and safety, pursuit of global environmental sustainability, understanding the client’s service needs , and most importantly the passion to give our clients utmost service satisfaction.

Our Core Values

We cannot be a business without the customer. For this reason, we consider our customers as are our most cherished asset. We want to pride ourselves in providing the best customer care in Ghana.

Customer Care

We believe that honesty, trust, reliability and a focus on delivering high quality results, reflect also in the transparency we exercise in conducting business with our clients. All these go to strengthen the trust clients have in us.

Honesty, Trust, Reliability and Quality

The lives and safety issues of every tradesman and site visitor are of paramount interest and concern to us. We therefore ensure the adherence of all our in-house Health and Safety Regulations as well as that of the country.

Health and Safety

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

We aim to reduce our carbon footprints on every project we undertake for our clients. In doing so, we strongly advise clients on sustainable and green design elements and solutions. In the same vein, we carry out our construction projects with the greatest awareness of environmental protection and preservation.  

Attention to Detail

In our aim to provide our clients with quality services, we make sure every interface detail is drawn up and carefully explained to the tradesmen. This will enable them to execute every detail of the deign accordingly.

Innovation and Creativity

Our world changes every day; new ideas and special client needs, drive us to improve on our services. and we very much believe in that theory. Innovative and creative ideas are always encouraged, welcomed and explored to achieve the very best for our clients and to allow our staff to operate more efficiently.

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