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We are currently looking for a passionate journalist/blogger or content writer based in Accra to work with us on an initial 6 months contract. Based on your performance we could either extend or make it permanent. We will provide you with topics we want you to cover per week, our branding consultant and marketing consultant will liaise with you to ensure the content and pictures you provide fits our brand and is ideal for our target audience. We will require at least one article per week, which should be submitted on time for review and upload onto our website. Salaries will be paid on the last Friday of every month and paid directly into your Mobile Money wallet.

SALARY: GHC 1,200 per month

applicant must be 18+

If you are interested in this job kindly fill out the form below and attach a copy of your CV and one recent article you wrote. 


We have received a few emails and messages on Instagram where people are unable to upload their documents into the form or you keep getting an error message. We would like to apologise for that.


If you are having any problems uploading your documents into the form below, we will advise restarting your browser and trying again and if that doesn't fix the problem you can send it to us via You will still need to provide all the information required on the form in your email. Thank you. 

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